Your Starting Point

Our Promise to you

We promise to keep this club a place of safety and free of judgement.

We promise to support, motivate and guide you on your journey to better health.

We promise to call you on your B.S. and excuses and encourage you to win and create success.

We promise to share with you nutrition and fitness advice that is current and realistic.

We promise to be your cheerleaders!

What to Expect

One of the main purposes of this club is to reduce overwhelm and stress, therefore, we release our content on a weekly basis, which gives you space to soak it all in.


You will receive a meal plan, recipes, grocery list, prep sheets and nutrition advice.


Get access to your workout video, workout schedule and fitness advice.


Covering topics such as stress, body image, self-confidence, and more.

Live Q & A

Ask us your questions and concerns as well as share your wins and successes.

Your First Steps

Before you dive right into the content of this site, we’d like you to complete a few things first.

1. Complete your user profile. You can do this by hovering over the “How’s it going, your name” drop-down in the top right-hand corner. Then click “Edit My Profile”

2. Download and complete your success contract.

3. Join our FB group and introduce yourself.

4. Post in our FB group that you are seeking an accountability partner(s)

5. Email us your accountability partner(s) name(s).

Got Questions?

We are here to help when you need it. Contact us at