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It's Time To Cut the Crap

Your Journey To Healthy Living Starts Here!


Nutrition, Fitness and Mindset must all be in balance to create the healthy life you desire.

The Cut The Crap Club focuses on all 3 components to help you to achieve your goals!


Food. Water. Nutrients.


Movement. Flexibility. Strength.


Outlook. Confidence. Balance.


I’m a holistic nutritionist and personal trainer.  I studied nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and became a personal trainer with Can-Fit-Pro. In my day to day work, I do such things as cooking classes and demos, I hold lectures and education classes on nutrition, fitness and living a life that doesn’t suck! I love working with individuals one-on-one either in nutrition and/or personal training.  And in a past life, I owned a health food store. That was cool!

Here’s the more juicy stuff.

I eat meat and chocolate and ice cream and burgers and I also enjoy a glass of ice wine from time to time. Yes, you read all that right. I personally follow the 80/20 rule. I live a healthy life day to day, I drink green smoothies, eat raw food, meditate, exercise, breathe, stretch, sometimes I’m gluten free and vegan and I even detox from time to time. But I also LIVE life and enjoy myself. I know and understand that I am solely responsible for my own health, it’s up to me and only me to make the best of what this life has to offer, so I grab it with both hands and make life happen.

cut the crap club Tanya Fraser


It’s our mission to cut the crap from all the nutrition, fitness and healthy living B.S. that is out there. Yes, you read that right, there is a lot of confusing, overwhelming, conflicting information out there, heck, even we get confused by it sometimes.   But no worries, we are here to straighten it all out and to help you cut the crap!

We believe life should be fun, exciting and full of joy. You should be happy and love the body you are in. We want you to have your cake, and eat it too…unless you have a gluten intolerance, then we’ll show you how to enjoy gluten free cake!!

We are going to change your body, mind, and spirit. Nah, who are we kidding! We don’t have magical powers. NO. You are going to change your body, mind, and spirit, we are going to show you how. With tools for success, support, accountability, motivation, and a little hard work. You’ll have the health and lifestyle you dream of.

Dana Radke, Neonatal Nurse

“I have been trying to get healthier and lose some weight for years, it just wasn’t cutting it on my own. You can’t just workout, you need to eat right, drink right and think right and with Tanya, she will show you how to do that! Thanks Tanya, for not only helping me shed the pounds I needed, but for helping me become a holistically healthier person!”

Tracy Lennon, Financial Planner

“After training with Tanya I felt better about myself because I had more energy and stamina. Her workouts were challenging but not more than I was able to handle. The improvement I obtained lead to an enhanced lifestyle”.  

Leisa Way, Singer/Actor/Producer

“I lead an active life with quite a bit of traveling for business. I was feeling sluggish and unenergized.  With Tanya’s help, I am feeling better than I have in years. Thank you, Tanya!”

"The Definition of Insanity is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over and Expecting Different Results"

- Albert Einstein

Are You Doing the Same Things Over and Over and Expecting Different Results?

The Past


Complicated fad diets

Hours at the gym with little results

Feeling starved, deprived, angry & stressed

Information overload – vegan? low carb? gluten?

Sacrificing your health


Understanding proper nutrition

Workouts that deliver results

Learn what your body needs to thrive

Manage stress and time

Optimum health

It’s time to cut the crap and get real about how to successfully achieve a healthier mind, body and soul.


We Cut Through the B.S. And Show You The Realistic Way of Getting Healthy

Cut the Crap Club is an online membership community that cuts the crap from all the nutrition and healthy living BS out there to give you simple, realistic, gimmick-free tools & advice to help you live healthy. 

(Yes, we said it!)

We know how confusing it can be…..

Your best friend is telling you kale is the new beef.

The news reports say don’t eat egg yolks one day and they are good for you the next.

And every time you try to look something up, the internet tells you that you’ve got cancer.

Please. Make It Stop!


We cut through the B.S. and conflicting information that can leave you confused and overwhelmed. Our membership site will give you one place for information on how to eat healthy, be active and take care of your entire being – mind, body & soul.  Good health is your greatest asset for living a long and happy life.


With simple, straightforward, time-saving meal plans we make it easy for you to enjoy delicious, seasonal, nourishing meals with your family.  We’ve removed the thinking for you with meal plans that include recipes, shopping lists, prep-guides and time-saving planners.  We also have articles & downloads on nutrition topics that will help you learn how to make the healthiest choices for yourself & your family.  


With exercise programs that can be done anywhere, anytime and without expensive equipment. Our programs are designed to motivate and challenge all fitness levels.  You don’t need hours of exercise to get fit and feel healthy.  We will show you how to get maximum results with a program that easily fits into your busy schedule. We want you to have fun, so we promise to make you laugh and keep workouts interesting by regularly shaking up your routine.  You will have fitness plans, videos, progress trackers and accountability partners to help you reach your goals.  Most importantly you will have a community of support to ensure you never feel like you are going it alone.  


 With busy lives and the demands of work and family, we often forget to take care of ourselves. We will help you learn to make your wellbeing a priority. With articles, posts, videos and information supporting a healthy mind and soul, our holistic approach to getting healthy will help you learn to nourish your entire being.


Sign up to become a member for instant access to the Cut The Crap Club members-only site. This gives you Nutrition, Fitness and Mindset resources all at your fingertips in a format that is straightforward and easy to navigate.  You become part of the community which includes discussion, support and motivation.  We have packaged it all together in a cost-effective, accessible, group format where you can ask questions, share information and take your journey to health supported by myself and others who are travelling on a similar path.  

Are you ready to feel less stressed, have more energy, feel more confident?

Isn’t it time to start living a happier, healthier & sexier life?


Here's What You'll Get Each Month



Meal Plans – save time & simplify your week Recipes – that are simple & easy to prepare Nutrition Education – articles, prep, cooking & health tips and much more!


Fitness Plans – that fit your busy schedule Workout Videos – maximize your efforts to see results Accountability Partners – to keep you inspired & motivated Fitness Education – articles, health tips, how-to’s and much more!


Articles & Videos – to keep you informed & inspired Live Chats –  to discuss the topics that interest you Masterclass Sessions – to explore topics in depth and much more!


Got questions?  Get answers during our live Q & A sessions Tanya and guest experts are available to answer your specific nutrition, fitness and mindset questions.




We cover a wide range of nutrition, fitness and mindset topics. Be inspired and get practical advise on how to make realistic and healthy changes that will move you toward the mind and body (and life) you’ve always dreamed of.


None of us can do this alone. Members can ask questions, share ideas and most importantly motivate and support one other in our community areas.   You will also have an accountability partner(s) to help keep you focused and on track.


We’re giving you everything we’ve got.  We have live chats with Tanya, printable nutrition & fitness guides, grocery lists, print & use prep guides, fitness trackers, goal setting & commitment contracts, worksheets, articles, videos, masterclass sessions, guest expert chats, posts and more!


With all the hard work you are doing, there’s got to be time for fun. We thrive on being goofy, laughing at ourselves, having impromptu dance parties and finding the joy in each day. We’ll try our best to keep you laughing!

Working with us you get honesty, support, and motivation.

We also hold you accountable, push you to take action and give you an arse kicking when needed.

We help you remove the excuses and guide you to the mind, body and soul you desire. 


“Tanya has completely transformed my lifestyle. She has taught me that it’s ok to mess up, we are human. She has taught me the importance of understanding where my food is coming from, to love myself, to organize my life and make health and exercise a priority once again.  I do not feel overwhelmed when I am putting meals together or when I go out to eat. I have more confidence in myself and we are working to overcome all of my health issues- in a holistic approach. She has made this transformation such an incredible process, I know I couldn’t have done it without her beside me!”


Nicole C.

Mother & Full-time Publicist

“After having two babies back to back I felt a bit depleted and jello-y! I knew I wanted to get stronger and lose weight not only for myself but for my kids! Tanya was able to whip me into shape by showing me that you don’t need a gym or fancy equipment to get an amazing workout and sweat like crazy! I made myself a priority with her help, stopped making excuses and got to work following her expert plan. Her nutrition advice was spot on and my cravings dissipated when I followed her yummy menus. With Tanya’s help I’m learning to tweak my whole lifestyle so these happy, healthy changes can last a lifetime.”


Jessie S.

Mother of 3, Farmer


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$30 CAD

Per month

International Subscribers

Customers living outside Canada.

$30 USD

Per month

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Still Have Questions?

How can this possibly save me time? I am already so busy.

If you are serious about getting healthy, you have to commit to no longer using “too busy” as an excuse.  So if you are ready to make time for your health we have the tools that will help you make the most of that time.  We can save you time and help you to maximize your efforts so there is still time at the end of the day to do the things you love. Living a healthy lifestyle is about feeling balanced as well as eating well, moving more and doing things that you love.

I can get free workout videos and free recipes online. Why should I pay to join this club?

Because we are putting it all together for you – in one place, in a simple, easy to use format AND we are giving you the tools to be more efficient with your time – so you can make healthy eating, being active and nourishing your soul a part of your everyday lifestyle.  Most importantly, we are providing you with a community of like-minded people to support and motivate you, to inspire you and to ensure you succeed.

Are the recipes and meal plans gluten free, paleo, raw, vegan etc?

Our recipes and meal plans are whole foods based with a focus on local, organic and seasonal foods.  Many of our recipes are gluten free, raw and or vegan but all are easily adaptable to fit with any dietary restrictions you may have.  

How is this different from other diet plans?

It’s NOT a diet plan – that’s how!  It’s about learning to incorporate more healthy whole foods into your meals and learning to make exercise part of your routine. AND make the most of your time while doing both!  It’s also about learning to nourish your soul so you can live a long and happy life.

Will I get a personalized meal plan & exercise program?

The meal plans & exercise programs are in a group format designed to assist everyone to eat a balanced, whole-foods based diet and stay active while juggling a busy schedule.  You will not get an individualized plan, but the meal plans and exercise programs can easily be tailored to fit your unique needs.  As part of your membership, you have the opportunity to ask questions, during the live Q & A sessions and in the community areas of the membership site, if you need specific nutrition and fitness questions answered to assist you in adapting the plans to your needs.  The meal plans contain many recipes that are vegan, vegetarian, as well as gluten, dairy & egg free.  We also offer suggestions within the recipes to help you adapt these to your tastes and dietary needs.  The exercise programs can be easily adapted to your fitness level, so that beginners and more active people can both be challenged and see results.  We also have lots of printable lists, tips and articles and are always growing our library to ensure you have the information you need and want to successfully take your journey to good health.

Are you going to make me drink green smoothies and eat kale salads? I don’t like vegetables, I like meat.

Yes!  We are going to give you recipes that are healthy and taste great.  We know that not everyone loves vegetables, but with some new recipes to try you may soon find yourself a veggie lover.  Oh and you can still eat your meat.  All things in balance.

I don’t like to cook, can I still eat out?

The answer is “yes, but”. Yes – you can still eat out because this is not an all or nothing, restrictive diet plan.  It is a healthy lifestyle guide with meal ideas and recipes to help guide you.  The menu plans are whole foods based with a focus on seasonal, local and organic food – so if you want or need to eat out – find restaurants that offer meals that are also fresh, whole foods based with a focus on seasonal, local and organic food.  It’s all part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle. But – in order to take control of your health, you need to take control of what you are eating and the easiest way to do that by making your own food from fresh, whole ingredients so that you know exactly what you are putting in your body.  This doesn’t mean you need to become the next cooking show contestant – our meals are simple and easy so even those who don’t love to cook can easily prepare and enjoy the recipes.  (Also, no one wants to spend ALL day in the kitchen – there are too many other fun things to do).

What fitness level are the workouts geared towards?

The workouts are for beginners AND those who want a new routine that will maximize their results. Wait, what?  Let me explain: The workouts are designed to use your own body to build muscle, increase cardiovascular health, improve your energy and maximize your results – without requiring that you spend hours exercising with fancy equipment.  They will challenge both those who need to shake up their routine and those who need to shake out their inner couch potato.  🙂

Do I need equipment for the workouts, do I need to go to the gym?

You don’t need a gym membership or fancy equipment for our workouts.  What you will need is a good pair of trainers and a towel because you are going to work up a sweat. 🙂 Some additional items you may find useful, but are not required, are a yoga mat, a resistance band or towel, and small hand weights 2-10lbs (depending on your fitness level and the exercises involved).

Who’s in the community and how do you hold me accountable?

The community is made up of other Cut The Crap Club members – men and women from around the world – who are also on their journey to better health.  You will be partnered with another member to hold each other accountable and we will ALL be holding each other accountable as a community group – so we can achieve our goals and celebrate our successes together.  We will also provide you with printable progress trackers to help you stay focused on your goal and measure your progress along the way.

I’m technology challenged, do I need special software and equipment to access this club

You need to have internet access and If you can login to email and watch videos on youtube, you can access this club.

For such a low monthly price, what's the catch?

No catch – honest. I believe that everyone deserves to live healthy and feel their best so the Cut The Crap Club is priced at a monthly rate that is affordable.  I’m on a mission to help everyone reach their goals – no personal chef, fancy gym, personal trainer, or fitness retreat required.

Do I have to commit to a 1 year subscription?

No! This subscription is on a monthly basis.  You are not required to commit to any longer than one month at a time although we hope to be your continuing partners on your journey to good health!

What forms of payment do you accept?

Payment is made through Paypal to make it easy for you.  You can link your Paypal account to your credit cards or bank account – whatever you prefer.  

Who can I contact if I have any other questions?

We are happy to answer any questions about the Cut The Crap Club that you have.  If you still have a question that isn’t answered here feel free to email us at

Enrolment Closes Friday, June 24 At Midnight EDT.

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